Border Collies for Sale in New Franklin, OH

If you’re looking for border collie breeders in New Franklin, Clinton, Akron, Summit County, or Easton, OH, try Michelle’s Canine Emporium. We have decades of experience with this unique breed, built on a foundation of our love for these fascinating dogs. Our customers know they’ll receive a dog fit for farm work or competitions when they choose from one of our litters.

Border collies raised with me will be housebroken to a doggie door and be in process of learning: sit, down, wait, stay, off, settle, NO, come, will be walking like a gentleman on lead, and be comfortable playing with balls, sticks, ropes, water, four-wheelers, and hiking. I can also take special requests if you order a pup! Just ask!

If you see an older puppy for sale here on our website, you can purchase the pup with four weeks of training or more. If the puppy is 6 months or older, you will be purchasing a well-behaved border collie that has all required vaccinations and very healthy parents! All pups are also be encouraged to show affection. Come see why I have so many return clients! References available as well on request.

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Border Collie Breeders

Why Choose a Border Collie?

The American Kennel Club says the border collie is “the workaholic of the dog world” and “the world’s premier sheep herder”. This extraordinary breed is prized for its intelligence, extraordinary instinct and working ability.

These dogs are medium-sized and athletic. The border collie’s coat can be rough or smooth and includes a variety of patterns and colors. At Michelle’s Canine Emporium, we only offer rough collies! It’s a breed that’s growing in popularity because of its naturally good temperament and beauty.

Border Collies for Sale


If you’re looking for border collies for sale near New Franklin, OH, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a locally-owned and -operated business with extensive knowledge of all things border collie. Over the years, we’ve carefully selected border collies for breeding based on disposition, DNA health testing, and solid conformation. When you choose us, you know you’ll have the highest-quality border collies. Our commitment to this breed is unparalleled.

We only offer a small selection of border collies each year; get in touch with us now to reserve your pup!

This is Sookie, one of my former pups who is excelling in agility! She is owned by Mariane


  • Adam

    Adam has an impeccable pedigree! Nearly solid champions for four generations! With Sportingfields, Borderfame, and Shoreland in his background, we couldn’t be more pleased with him and his offspring! With his super gentle and loving disposition, his work ethic, and his solid conformation, he has been an excellent addition to our pack! I am so grateful to his Breeder for letting me own him!!


  • Ben

    Ben is a gorgeous Gold and White boy with champion bloodlines from such greats as Shoreland and Borderfame. With many champions in his background he has lived up to their quality! He has been a great asset to our breeding program by producing lovely, excellent temperamented and solid working, therapy, and conformation dogs.

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Looking to bring home a beautiful, hardworking dog that’s sure to become a beloved addition to your family? Look to us for border collies for sale near New Franklin, OH. Contact us at 330-620-5299 for everything you need, including grooming, boarding, and training!