February 17, 2021

Walter is a changed dog!

"We took our 5-year-old rescue bulldog/beagle to Michelle for training. He is very sweet, but extremely stubborn, and no one had ever worked with him before he joined our family. We didn't expect much in the way of results, but Michelle proved us wrong! She tailored her approach to fit his needs (some traditional training methods made him completely shut down). She taught us how to make training fun for him, and now he's impressing us every day. More than anything, she helped us learn how to work with him in a consistent way, so he can better understand what we want from him. We highly recommend Michelle's services!"
January 28, 2021


"We took Ozzie to Michelle for a 6 week training course. We enjoyed our training with Michelle as she was showing us the proper way of working with Ozzie. She showed us the important thing was for us to be trained for the proper way to have him listen to us. He is a work in progress (we are a work in progress) but has made significant improvement. Thanks Michelle. Ozzie will be needing to come see you. I told him he has to be good. "
September 12, 2020

"She is A wonderful person and a good. Groomer"
August 6, 2020

"Great place to get my animals groomed. Great prices as well. I love the atmosphere and all the border collies she has plus she isn’t running a puppy mill like a lot of other places. I’d definitely recommend this place over all others!"
July 27, 2020

"we picked up our puppy from whipple farms, she is just wonderful we love her. Michelle was very helpful through the whole process. we have been telling everyone that they really know what they are doing. Such wonderful people to do business with."