March 10, 2020

"Over Christmas, we boarded both our German shepherds here. If they could talk, I know they’d tell us they had a great time! No hot spots from separation anxiety like usual. But the main reason I’m posting this now (so late) is because we live out of town and I so badly wish I could get them groomed here!! Hands down the best grooming we’ve ever had for them. Also, boarding prices are great. Absolutely recommend."
March 3, 2020

September 11, 2017

Border Collie Puppy

"I bought my Border Collie puppy, Crow, from Whipple's Ark back in May of 2016. When looking for a puppy I wanted one from a farm, as I have a lot of land and wanted a buddy to follow me around and help me with things. A lot of breeders today focus purely on the appearance of a Border due to their recent acceptance into the AKC, so I was wary of quite a few different breeders when searching for a puppy. I came across Whipple's Ark on puppyfinder and looked into their website. A family owned farm that values personality in a dog over anything else? (Granted their dogs are beautiful)! I figured they were my best bet! It's been over a year and I couldn't be happier with my loyal, intelligent, loving, gorgeous dog. He gets compliments literally wherever I go and he's a vet favorite! I felt confident buying from Whipple's Ark, as they seemed to have the same ideas and values as to what makes a good dog that I do. If (when) I get another, I'm sure I'll be back. Thanks again!"
September 6, 2017

Very knowledgeable breeder

"We just picked our puppy, and I have to say that Michelle is a very knowledgeable breeder! She provided us with all the shot records and registration papers. We LOVE our puppy!!! She even reminded me of things I used to know years ago."
April 13, 2017


"I took my cocker spaniel in for grooming after trying 2 other local groomers over the past year. I was very impressed with Michelle's knowledge and experience in the pet grooming and training area. She did a great job on Peaches and I will be returning to her in the future. Highly recommend!!!"